Hedda peterson heddapeterson halfportrait

The clothing is heavily inspired by a character concept from Hunt Showdown.

Hedda peterson turntble

The clothes share a 4k textureset

Hedda peterson heddapeterson closeup

The face has a 4k textureset

Hedda peterson hair

The hair is at a polycount of 30 578 tris

Hedda peterson hair2
Hedda peterson furgraph

The fur collar is a tiling 1k texture I made in Substance Designer and here is the material setup I made in Unreal.

Hedda peterson wireframe2

96 918 tris in total. Here is a shot of the simple rig I put together for posing her.

Hedda peterson sculpts

I made this project so I would get familiar with setting up a character in Unreal engine and to practice making long real time hair. I used Paragon character texturing pipeline and the shaders from "Digital Human" for the hair, eyes and skin.

Naomi is all grown now, I have to let her go and be free.